14th May 2015

Former Visiting Professor in Contemporary Art, Thomas Struth, has an exhibition of new work on view at the Marian Goodman Gallery in London until June 6th.

This exhibition present works from two different recent projects; photographs he made in Israel and Palestine as part of "This Place" (http://www.this-place.org), and of places of scientific and technological research in California. Struth travelled to Israel and Palestine six times between 2009 and 2014. His visits were informed by listening to the stories of his guides and other people he met along the way; “my exploration was about observing the human drama.”

Struth was aware of the inherent conflicts and obstacles in approaching such a politically laden region as a subject, and set himself ‘the challenge of how to condense an epic narrative into a still image’. The grand scale of his compositions certainly has an epic quality about them, although the narrative they encapsulate is not easy to disentangle. Struth is no moral arbiter; he maintains a sense of mystery in this work which forces the viewer to read into his compositions and make a judgement for themselves. For this reason, his work stays with you long after you’ve left the gallery: the images are unresolved narratives which your mind will want to unravel.

Struth Marian Goodman