20th January 2016

Lord Weidenfeld (1919 – 2016)

We at the Weidenfeld Hoffmann Trust were very saddened to hear the news of Lord Weidenfeld’s death. We have lost a great supporter of international education and debate. Through great personal effort, he gave scholars from across the world a unique opportunity to study in a world class institution at Oxford and thereby changed their lives. Their contributions, both to Oxford and to the countries they live in, will provide a lasting legacy of dialogue, discussion and, above all, peace. He was extremely proud of all of the scholars he supported, and we look forward to continuing to provide these opportunities in his memory.

Among many other projects, Lord Weidenfeld devised the Humanitas programme of visiting professorships to Oxford and Cambridge. Through his incredible network of friends  and contacts, he  gave the universities unparalleled access to the most interesting names in the field of Humanities – all have given generously of their time to lecture, take part in conversation and share their expertise with audiences in both universities and, now, online communities across the world.


Lord Weidenfeld with a group of past and present scholars