Rania Abdel Naeem


Social Policy (DPhil), 2017
Hertford College, Oxford

Funding: Annenberg

Following on from her MSc, which she completed as a Weidenfeld Scholar in 2014, Rania is studying for a DPhil in Comparative Social Policy, with a particular focus on developmental change. Her ultimate goal is to start a Non-Governmental Organisation that works with the Egyptian schooling system to develop thinking on education and host projects for training Cairo’s street children.

Prior to Oxford Rania volunteered with Egyptian NGOs for ten years, working in deprived areas that lacked functioning health and education systems. These experiences motivated her to work towards alleviating poverty and improving the Egyptian educational system. Rania graduated from the American University in Cairo with first class honours in Business Administration.

Rania recently chaired the 8th Leadership for Education and Development (LEAD) Conference, where she developed the agenda and led a team of 120 students in addressing issues around improving the Egyptian education system. The conference allowed Rania to establish partnerships with public schools, government agencies, media outlets and private businesses, through which she plans to develop her NGO and welfare reform plans.

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