Sagar Dhakal


Water Science, Policy and Management (MSc), 2018
Regent's Park College, Oxford

Funding: Oxford-Weidenfeld and Hoffmann

Sagar Dhakal is a Hydro- Mechanical Engineer. Before coming to Oxford, he was working for 410 MW Nalsing Gad Storage Hydropower Project with the international team from MWH (USA) and SMEC( Australia) on behalf of Ministry of Energy.

While doing research on low head water power resources, he is able to publish and present a number of research papers in peer reviewed world top journals and various international conferences. He has successfully brought a number of research grants in his leadership totaling the amount of more than US$ 100,000.

Before starting research, he had published a number of manuals and review books on Physics and Mathematics for high school students of Nepal. Till then, he had published 7 books and more than 25000 books have been sold in Nepalese market. He studied engineering with full scholarship (ranked 5/12000 students) and is also the recipient of Golden Jubilee Scholarship from Indian Embassy, given to outstanding 25 engineering students studying in Nepal.

Besides academics and professional attachment, he is a youth activist too. He was the team leader of US Embassy Civic Engagement Project while being selected as a USYC (US Embassy Youth Council, Kathmandu)-2015 member.

Articles by Sagar Dhakal

International Water Forum in Ramallah

Sagar Dhakal

I would like to express my gratitude for the generosity of Max Weidenfeld Travel Grant. Because of this grant I was able to conduct a field trip to the West Bank (Palestine) and Israel in
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