Ditchley Conference Report

Ugochukwu Ezeh (Annenberg supported Oxford-Weidenfeld Scholar, BCL 2014-15 and Weidenfeld-Hoffmann Scholar, MPhil Law 2015016) attended the Ditchley Foundation Conference on Global Ambitions and Local Grievances: Understanding Political Islam which took place 19th to 21st March 2015.

Over 40 delegates delegates participated in the Conference, drawn from various countries ranging from Syria, Canada, and Egypt, to Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan amongst others.

The Conference was divided into three working groups that discussed the terms of reference under the following broad thematic categories:

  • The nature and origins of Islamic militancy
  • The Islamic response to violent extremism
  • The response of the non-Muslim World

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About the Scholar

Ugochukwu Ezeh

Law (MPhil), 2017
St Cross College, Oxford
Hoffmann Scholar

European Commission at Brussels

Environmental governance is a challenging task. In the face of global environmental changes, including climatic changes and loss of biodiversity exacerbated by harmful anthropogenic activities, promoting sustainable responses to these changes has acquired increased significance.

In a regional context, the European Union strives to take up a leadership role globally in advancing appropriate environmental governance frameworks. It seeks to bring about change by evolving viable, feasible and acceptable environmental legislation to tackle impending climate changes, as well as encouraging other regional organizations/nation-states to take up causes similarly. Much legislation is geared towards guiding business, industry and society to inculcate eco-friendly practices in their activities.

In light of these issues, the MSc in Environmental Change and Management field trip to the nerve-centre of the European Union, Brussels, was an attempt to expose us to the frameworks and decision-making processes associated with environmental governance in the European Union. Read more “European Commission at Brussels”

About the Scholar

Manan Bhan

Environmental Change and Management (MSc), 2015
Kellogg College, Oxford
Louis Dreyfus Scholar

Clean Water for Makunga Village

Simon Wanda (Kenya, MSc African Studies 2013-14, Louis Dreyfus – Weidenfeld) initiated a project in Makunga Village, Kenya, where a lack of clean drinking water remains one of the major developmental impediments and health hazards for local inhabitants.

Using his college breakfast money, Simon took it upon himself to finance – and find additional funding – for the digging of a well and the installation of a pump to provide access to clean drinking water. The pump is now in action and serving the whole village. This will be an ongoing project which Simon aims to roll out to other areas, reaching 2,000 households in the next five years. A truly impressive feat!

About the Scholar

Simon Wanda

African Studies (MSc), 2014
St Anne's College, Oxford
Louis Dreyfus Scholar