Response and


  • Invoices from the Earth
  • People vs. Computers?
  • Empowered Lives: Resilient Nations
  • Democratic State-Building
  • The Flavours of Al-Qaeda
  • A World Without Nuclear Weapons

In this playlist, Johan Rockstrom begins by explaining how freak weather events and sociopolitical unrest are interconnected, with both being linked by the changes to the Earth's environment. Eric Schmidt then looks to the future and predicts a positive relationship between computers and humans, with technology providing solutions to current strains on healthcare.

Helen Clark discusses how development can be sustainable and sustained, giving the example of social security in Mexico as a standard to be followed throughout the world, especially if we want to protect the poorest from natural and human disasters. Roger Myerson also looks at development and sets out a charter of how democratic states are to be created and maintained.

Finally, General Hayden explains the current threat posed by Al-Qaeda, but the complexity and volatility of the terrorist network means there is no simple method by which to respond to the problem. Gareth Evans brings this selection to an end by outlining the case for a world without nuclear weapons, detailing the possibility and feasibility of such a proposition.