Barbara Rosenwein


Barbara Rosenwein is an internationally renowned historian and a professor at Loyola University, Chicago. 

  • How Can There Be a History of Emotions
  • Generations of Feeling

Rosenwein has lectured throughout the world, including France, The Netherlands, Great Britain, Spain, Germany, Israel, Sweden, Taiwan, and Australia. 

In her exploration of the history of emotions, she has edited Anger’s Past: The Social Uses of an Emotion in the Middle Ages and completed several influential publications, the most important of which are Worrying about Emotions in History and “Problems and Methods in the History of Emotions.

In the videos to the right Rosenwein discusses the concept of the history of emotions and the practice of mapping generations of feeling.

In How Can There Be a History of Emotions Rosenwein presents the concept of emotional communities and illustrates how they can be used as a tool to different understand periods of history.

Then in Generations of Feeling Rosenwein discusses two distinct emotional groups from the time of the English Civil War; showing how the development and use of emotional terms reflect their particular historical vantage point.