Natasha Walter


Natasha Walter is a British feminist writer, human rights activist and the founder of the charity Women for Refugee Women.

  • Sexism to Solidarity
  • Reform to Revolution
  • Making Waves

Natasha's first job was at Vogue magazine, she subsequently worked as a reviewer, columnist and feature writer at the Independent, the Observer and the Guardian and became a regular broadcaster particularly on BBC2's Newsnight Review and BBC Radio 4's Front Row.

In her first book, The New Feminism, Walter argued that feminists shouldn't worry so much about sexual objectification but should focus on broader political goals. In her second book, Living Dolls, she left the political​ behind - returning to individual women's lives and experiences. Personal is political and, in a culture in which women are slowly being turned into primped and hollow dolls, the right to be sexual without fear of shame is "essential for women's freedom".

In her Humanitas lectures Walter speaks on the theme of Sexism and Solidarity; not so much highlighting the return of sexism but underscoring that it never left.