Claudia Coleoni’s Max Weidenfeld Travel Grant enabled her to travel extensively across three areas in Brazil to assess the effectiveness of payment for ecosystem services as a model for better river basin management in Global Biodiversity Conservation hotspots. She will share her dissertation research findings at the annual World Water Week conference in Sweden in August 2018 and will follow-up with a scientific paper in a journal related to her field.

I am very thankful for the financial support I received from the Max Weidenfeld Travel Grant. Travelling to my fieldwork sites was pivotal to obtaining first-hand information on the current policies and outcomes of water-related ecosystem services in municipal and regional levels. In addition, it allowed me to create future work opportunities within the field of water management, given the professional connections I made while performing my research. I can safely say that I feel more connected to the socio-environmental and economic realities of Brazil and I feel better prepared to assume positions of leaderships in my home country.

Claudia Coleoni, Brazil, MSc Water Science, Policy and Management, Louis Dreyfus-
Weidenfeld and Hoffmann, 2018
Thanks to the generous support of Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, the Eranda Rothschild Foundation has provided a donation which is used annually to fund travel grants for scholars in the name of Lord Weidenfeld’s father.

About the Scholar

Claudia Coleoni

Water Science, Policy and Management (MSc), 2018
Linacre College, Oxford
Louis Dreyfus-Weidenfeld and Hoffmann Scholar