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Pro bono

In its commitment to foster public-service oriented leaders, the Weidenfeld-Hoffmann Scholarships and Leadership Programme requires all first-year Scholars to undertake a pro-bono project of their choice during their time in Oxford.


The main requirement is that the pro-bono project represents an active engagement in unpaid public service.


> Scholars are permitted to undertake their pro-bono project in Oxford, their home country or somewhere else.


> Scholars may become involved in an existing organisation or project or start their own.




Scholars will be required to present initial plans for their project during the first term, provide a written update of progress in the second term and produce a final written report on their completed project by the end of the academic year. Whilst undertaking their pro bono projects, scholars are expected to blog about their experiences.

 You will be required to present your initial ideas and plans for your pro-bono project at your first Collections meeting. This should be followed up in writing within a week.

By the second Collections on 15 & 16 February 2017 you will be required to provide a written summary of progress to date.

You will be required to provide a written report on your completed project by the end of the academic year (on 17 June 2017).



Please use refer to the following guidelines when reporting on your progress: Guidelines on Pro Bono Projects

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Other websites of interest include the Oxford and Cambridge Hubs, as well as Inexsda. These sites offer a centralised forum for involvement in non-profit and volunteer organisations.