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In 2015 an endowment fund was set up for the Weidenfeld Scholarships as a tribute to their founder Lord Weidenfeld to celebrate his 95th birthday.  Spearheaded by Michael Lewis, Chairman of the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (which previously ran the Scholarships), and André Hoffmann, a long-standing supporter of the programme, the endowment has also received generous donations from many of Lord Weidenfeld's friends and associates including:

» Mr Eric Abraham & Dr Sigrid Rausing

» Mr Ben Barnett

» Clore Duffield Foundation

» Mrs Angelika Diekmann

» Hans-Adam II, Prince of Liechtenstein

» Dr Pierre Keller

» McCall MacBain Foundation

» Dame Theresa Sackler

» Mr Jaqui Safra

» Mr Lawrence & Mrs Carol Saper

In addition to this the University of Oxford has contributed a further £6 million towards the endowment throught the Oxford Graduate Scholarship Matched Fund, a significant endorsement of the Programme.

Thanks to the endowment we have been able to create new fully-funded Scholarships for up to 20 scholars per year in perpetuity, thereby securing the future of the Programme as part of the fabric of the University. The first of the new Oxford-Weidenfeld and Hoffmann Scholars arrive in Oxford in autumn 2015.

The Weidenfeld-Hoffmann Trust has a commitment of £9 million so far which, along with Oxford's matching funds, has kick-started the endowment. The WHT would love to hear from others interested in supporting this exceptional scholarship and leadership programme. For further information, contact alexandra.henderson@whtrust.org


Individual donors

Since their foundation in 2007, the Weidenfeld Scholarships have been supported a number of independent donors who commit to supporting a given number of scholars each year from specific countries and focusing on particular subjects.


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Other Donors

The Weidenfeld Scholarships and Leadership Programme is also indebted to an anonymous donor for their vision and willingness to provide initial funds for up to 25 Scholars per annum for the first five years of the programme.