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Practical Skills Training

Practical skills training courses are another key part of the Leadership Programme, offering a counterbalance to the intellectual rigour of the moral philosophy seminars.  The aim of the training is to provide Scholars with a thorough grounding in the essential skills required for success in their academic study and future careers, including presentation and interview skills, op-ed and essay writing and examination techniques.


The practical skills training courses we receive each year are excellent opportunities to learn new skills and polish existing ones. While the programme overall has nurtured my mind, the practical training has helped sharpen my ability to put my thoughts into words and deeds".

Djeyhoun Ostowar
Afghanistan, MPhil International Relations (2010-12), Weidenfeld-Roland Berger Scholar

Training sessions have included:


A one day workshop on presentation skills focused on providing the Scholars with a thorough grounding in effective communication. The session builds upon existing skills and helps to develop the Scholar’s ability to present their ideas in an engaging and convincing manner.

4Op-ed writing workshops with leading journalists.

Courses on effective revision techniques and examination-writing skills.

1An interview skills workshop and advice on CVs.