Shifting power

What Does Climate Change Mean for Global Governance?

This panel brought together eminent climate thinkers Mrs. Isabel Hilton, Dr. Steve Rayner, Dr. Kamal Kapadia and Mr. Chris Goodall to debate issues of climate governance and the emerging geopolitics of today’s world. Overall, the panel agreed that shift in power has meant that old governance structures for global environmental problems are no longer viable. The challenge in the coming years is to find a new form of governance that can be effective, and to do so quickly enough so that the more dangerous effects of climate change can be mitigated.

 The debate was moderated by ISABLE HILTON, world-renowned environmental journalist and founder of China Dialogue


 CHRIS GOODALL, Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Oxford West and Abington

 Dr KAMAL KAPADIA, Research Fellow at the Oxford Environmental Change Institute

 Professor STEVEN RAYNER, Director of the Institute for Science, Innovation and Society at the Saïd Business School and Honorary Professor of Climate Change and Society at the University of Copenhagen,