The Arab Uprisings One Year On

Voices from the Ground

A year after the beginning of the Arab spring this Weidenfeld Debate sought to explore the issues, concerns and thoughts of individuals living in the countries at the heart of these extraordinary events.  Speakers from Tunisia, Yemen, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco and Bahrain were invited to share their perspective on how their world changed during 2011.

The event was moderated by:

 MICHAEL WILLIS, Faculty of Oriental Studies, St. Antony’s College

 REEM ABOU EL FADL, Department of Politics and International Relations, St. Edmund Hall


 Tunisia - YASSINE AYARI, cyber activist, initiator of the 22 May protest

 Yemen - ATIAF AL WAZIR, Researcher, NGO consultant & blogger

 Syria - JOSEPH DAHER, activist, author of 'The People Demand: a Short History of the Arab Revolutions'

 Egypt - SEIF ABOU ZAID, political activist, CEO of Nabadat Foundation

 Libya - HANA EL-GALLAL, lawyer and former member of the Libyan Transitional Council

 Morocco - FOUAD ABDELMOUMNI, founder of Al Amana micro-finance, Human Rights activist

 Bahrain - MARYAM AL-KHAWAJA, Head of Foreign Relations Office, Bahrain Center for Human Rights

Organised by Weidenfeld Scholars Daniela Ivanova, Mariya Petkova and Maimuna Mohamud

View an excerpt from the debate here: