Abhijay Negi (India, Bachelor of Civil Law, Louis Dreyfus-Weidenfeld and Hoffmann, 2016) continues to make international news media through the ground-breaking initiatives led by an organisation he founded in India, Making a Difference by Being a Difference (MAD).
Recently, MAD and Abhijay were personally commended for landmark activities in his hometown of Dehradun including river rejuvenation, clean-up drives and efforts that encourage voters to support candidates who prioritise conservation and sustainable development. Speaking of his ambitions for MAD, Abhijay said, “I realised that forming an NGO would mean that we would be channelling our resources towards one or two specific causes. But, somehow, I was not satisfied with concentrating on just one single issue – I wanted to do as much as possible for Dehradun and did not want to restrict it to one cause”.

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