Vilija Vėlyvytė (Lithuania, Law, Louis Dreyfus-Roland Berger and Weidenfeld and Hoffmann, 2017) 

Vilija Returns to Oxford

Vilija completed her DPhil in EU Law in 2017 at the University of Oxford, thanks to the Weidenfeld-Roland Berger Scholarship and Oxford Law Faculty funding. She has published a paper based on a chapter of her doctoral thesis in the Croatian Yearbook of European Law and Policy (2016). During her Doctorate, she also held a lectureship in EU Law at Oxford, where she taught at five colleges. Vilija was recently awarded the British Academy Early Career Research Fellowship at the Law Faculty of the University of Oxford (2018–2021).

Abhijay resigns as President of MAD

Abhijay Negi (India, Bachelor of Civil Law, Louis Dreyfus – Weidenfeld and Hoffmann, 2017)

As MAD prepares to take its next step as a preeminent youth led organization in India, Abhijay has chosen to pass the baton of the Organization’s leadership to a fresh face. “I recently announced that I will resign from the post of its (MAD) President. As it’s Founder, I wanted MAD to evolve into a movement of young minds and not to remain it’s life-long President. As I have started my litigation career, I thought it was time that the reigns of a student movement are put in the hands of a student. I will soon be passing on the baton as soon as the formalities are complete”

Read more about MAD and the organization’s recent Zero Waste Marathon in India here.

  Carolina advancing human-wildlife conflict mitigation in Namibia

Carolina Torres (Colombia, MSc Biodiversity Conservation and Management, Louis Dreyfus, 2017) 

After graduation from Oxford Carolina returned to Colombia where she worked with Awake Adventures – a local ecotourism company, to develop a biodiversity conservation strategy and alliances with conservation NGOs in order to achieve conservation through ecotourism. During this time she got to sign MOUs with Conservation International, Wildlife Conservation Society, and the regional NGO ‘Fundación para la Conservación y DesarrolloSostenible’.
It was based on this experience and her passion for wildlife and biodiversity that she accepted a position  in Namibia, working with the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) as an Ecologist/Conservation Scientist, what she considers her “dream job”.  Carolina is working on community-based research for human-wildlife conflict mitigation strategies in the eastern communal conservancies; finding ways to prevent farmers from losing livestock to predators in order to avoid retaliatory killing of predators from farmers. Alongside this, she builds capacity with local farmers on how to manage livestock in a predator environment, through integrative predator and livestock management workshops. She is also conducting wildlife monitoring at CCF’s property through camera trap surveys and game counts. In a note to the Trust, Carolina communicated her gratitude to the WHT family, “I am very grateful to have had the support of the Weidenfeld-Hoffmann Trust for my postgraduate studies, without this help, I would not have been able to gain the skills necessary to be where I am today; living and working in the bush, and helping wildlife and local people thrive together –  a dream come true! I  can’t wait to see where this new path takes me in helping ensure biodiversity as we know it today for future generations”.

Atherton and Irina on ‘Student Entrepreneurship’ at Oxford

Atherton Mutombwera (Zimbabwe, MBA, Louis Dreyfus-Weidenfeld and Hoffmann – Said, 2017) 

Atherton and Irina (Russia, DPhil Geography and the Environment, Hoffmann 2016) were recently featured in the University of Oxford’s campaign, “Student Entrepreneurship Top Tips“, which is an online toolkit and awareness raising platform  to support upcoming entrepreneurs.  Atherton is the Founder and CEO of Hutano Diagnostics Ltd. which is a start-up developing a diagnostic and surveillance platform for diseases caused by Emerging and Dangerous Pathogens which cause recurring epidemics in the African Region. The company is currently developing an Ebola diagnostic and surveillance platform. Irina is a co-founder of Bio Carbon Engineering and Kindness Collective.    

Maheen leads Climate resilience project in Dubai

Maheen Iqbal (MSc Environmental Change and Management, Oxford-Weidenfeld and Hoffmann, 2016)

Maheen is currently based in Dubai, where she is working on a climate change resilience project for a major utility in the region and conducting a social impact assessment for EXPO 2020. “Funnily enough, I wrote about wanting to work with clients like  Expo 2020 in my  Oxford application essay”, she said, in a note to WHT. “It brings me great joy and a sense of achievement to be on my journey of working in this field and making an impact in this niche but growing space in the MENA region.
I wanted to share my updates as a kind reminder that you facilitate a truly life changing scholarship and leadership programme, which will always be close to my heart”.

Manisha advances maternal healthcare intervention programme

Manisha Nair (India, DPhil Public Health, Louis Dreyfus – Weidenfeld and Hoffmann, 2013) 

Manisha was recently in India (with a group of experts from Oxford) to train obstetricians to use hand-held echocardiography machines which can diagnose heart failure in pregnant women. “The training was good, and we have provided 13 hospitals with a hand-held echocardiography machine ( funded by a UK based company). I will be conducting a study to understand the cost-effectiveness of these machines and if these were able to save lives by helping obstetricians diagnose the condition promptly”. Speaking of the programme, Manisha said “I was happy to visit the hospitals where we are conducting the study. I can gradually see that we might be able to make a difference, although a long way to go”.

Details about the training were included in the Maathri Newlsetter

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