Oxford was buzzing this term as families came from all corners of the globe to celebrate graduation! This is an especially remarkable time for the Trust as we celebrate the ambitions, efforts and inevitable success of our incoming Alumni. Here are a few pictures and snippets from Michaelmas Term graduations at Oxford: 

Claudia poses with fellow WHT Alumni, Omar Makhlouf (Egypt, MSc Computer Science, Oxford-Weidenfeld and Hoffmann) after their graduation ceremony

“I am very honored and happy to have my dear parents by my side to experience this amazing moment, directly from the Sheldonian theatre here in Oxford, where we just watched the instruments of time and truth concert! Thank God for this special gift!!!” – Claudia Coleoni (Brazil, MSc Water Science Policy and Management)

Irina Fedorenko (Russia, DPhil Geography and the Environment, Hoffmann)

“And this is how a very looooong chapter has ended. Thank you friends and family and a family of friends who have come to share this moment with me. You can trust me now, I’m a doctor.”

Dr Irina Fedorenko (DPhil, Oxon) 

Rusudan Kemularia (Georgia, Master of Public Policy, Oxford-Weidenfeld and Hoffmann)

“One of the best moments”!

Rusudan Kemularia 

“One of the best moments”. 

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