Every donation makes a huge difference to the work we do! Alumni have a unique opportunity to apply their anecdotal experience of the programme to contribute funds for specific components of the programme OR to launch initiatives you hope other Scholars can benefit from in future years. To learn more about your options, contact us directly at alumni@whtrust.org

2018 Cohort raise funds for leadership and alumni programme

The 2018 cohort took it upon themselves to start a new fundraising campaign for the alumni programme. This was announced at the Leadership Forum dinner and they were pleased to know that within a few days, the first target was far exceeded.

Through a first of its kind fundraising campaign and video, the 2018 Alumni cohort have exceeded initial expectations to raise funds for the Leadership and Alumni Programme. This symbolic gesture was spearheaded by scholars whose goal was to kickstart a longer-term initiative to ensure that the Leadership and Alumni Programme continue to support future generations of Weidenfeld-Hoffmann Scholars. The scholars call to action, ‘will you join us’, is an invitation to alums and the broader WHT family to collaborate on this effort. they very much hope that as many alumni as can will support this with contributions of any size.

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