Bhanu Naga


Evidence-Based Social Intervention and Policy Evaluation (MSc), 2020
Green Templeton College, Oxford

Funding: Oxford-Hoffmann

Bhanu is passionate about bringing a socio-economic transformation in India. After more than a decade working in the technology consulting world with some of the most influential brands and thought leaders, he now works on challenging (often wicked) problems in the Public Services space at the intersection of digital technology and social good. As a leader at one of India’s first Open Social Innovation Centres at Digital Impact Square (An Initiative by TCS Foundation), he coaches young innovators to create sustainable social startups. In 2016 he was one of 12 Indian Leaders to be awarded the prestigious Chevening Gurukul Fellowship at  King’s College London to research the Public Policy-Practice Gap. Bhanu has a Master’s degree in General Management from Harvard University.

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