Dennis Njunge


Water Science, Policy and Management (MSc), 2020
St Peter's College, Oxford

Funding: Louis Dreyfus-Weidenfeld and Hoffmann

Dennis has a BSc. in Environmental management from Kenyatta University. He has worked in small-scale WASH financing and developing SMEs in the WASH sector that supports communities to be resilient to the effects of climate change. Dennis has been working with Big Five Africa Limited, supporting water utilities and county governments on a variety of organizational development functions such as strategic planning, corporate governance, assessment of the water market in specific utility areas, willingness and ability to pay for WATSAN services, qualitative and quantitate market assessment and data analysis. Dennis is the founder of The Rays of Hope Initiative a youth based community social enterprise that provides a platform for young people to share their experience, incubate their ideas and grow their skills. He is dedicated to solving water-related challenges in a country with perennial water problems. Dennis intends to return to Kenya to work at national and country level advising and supporting on policies for water provision and the environment with a specific focus on often overlooked local communities.

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