Irina Fedorenko


Geography and Environment (DPhil), 2016
Green Templeton College, Oxford

Funding: Hoffmann

Irina is studying for a DPhil in Geography and Environment, having completed an MSc in Nature, Society and Environmental Policy at Oxford.

After finishing her Masters, she travelled to Russia and China conducting field work on ecological issues and cross-border relations. Irina has since worked in a start-up company in Moscow that explores forestry policies and climate change mitigation.

Following on from her DPhil, Irina aims to establish a platform for dialogue between Russia and China for tackling what she sees as a growing environmental issue that the two countries share. Through training, motivating participants, education and positive action, Irina hopes that the platform for bilateral dialogue will achieve significant environmental change to the benefit of both countries.

She believes the Weidenfeld Scholarships and Leadership Programme will provide her with the skills to engage in such activities and work towards changing attitudes and policy.

Articles by Irina Fedorenko

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Irina Fedorenko

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