Juan Beltran


Plant Sciences (DPhil), 2016
Magdalen College, Oxford

Funding: Louis Dreyfus

Juan finished his DPhil in Plant Sciences at the University of Oxford in February 2018. He holds a Master’s degree in Biological Sciences (2012) and a Bachelor’s degree in Biology (2010), both from the Universidad de los Andes in Colombia.

During his DPhil, he studied how high-elevation plants save water by uptaking carbon dioxide at night time in the Andes, South America. He used experimental and computational techniques to unveil the ecology and evolution of the complex water-saving mechanisms in plants. During his DPhil he gained computational skills that can be applied to other areas such as public health.

Juan recently started working at University College London as a postdoctoral researcher to fight the ZIKA virus in Brazil by empowering local communities using mobile technologies.He believes that one of the most important parts of science is the potential to empower local communities to solve daily problems and improve people’s lives. He is interested in Big Data, science and education.

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