Laura Aristizabal


Master of Business Administration (MBA), 2019
Green Templeton College, Oxford

Funding: Louis Dreyfus-Weidenfeld and Hoffmann

Laura has a Law degree from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, (Bogota) with a further specialisation in Administrative and Public Law. She was named Associate to Watch by Chambers and Partners in 2015 before becoming a consultant for McKinsey and Company. She believes that consulting and law complement each other, since it is impossible to give a legal opinion which is not feasible economically nor a strategic recommendation which is not legally possible.

Laura is passionate about improving access to justice to combat inequity. Laura wants to combine her law and corporate consulting background with an MBA, to improve justice processes and to find sustainable solutions to problems in her country.

Articles by Laura Aristizabal

Access to Justice in Colombia

Laura Aristizabal

Access to justice for poor people is not recognised by the population as a right but as a privilege and it is only guaranteed by the Public Ministry and by the Consultorios Jurídicos (mandatory social work for law students). This leads to the fact that citizens who most need a lawyer, leave their cases in hands of the most inexperienced people.

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