Shohini Sengupta


Law and Finance (MSc), 2015
Somerville College, Oxford

Funding: Louis Dreyfus

Shohini gained an  MSc in Law & Finance as Louis Dreyfus Weidenfeld Scholar.  Prior to this, she received a first division degree for her undergraduate studies at the National Law Institute University, Bhopal, in 2012.

Ms. Shohini Sengupta is a Senior Resident Fellow in the Corporate Law and Financial Regulations vertical at the Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy. She works with the Union, regulators, and other government bodies, assisting on drafting of laws, and advising on financial regulation, such as the Companies Bill, 2016, and the Financial Resolution Bill, 2017. She is currently assisting the Ministry of Finance, and Corporate Affairs on several other matters of policy, and regulation. Currently, she is assisting the Finance Commission on legal-financial matters. Previously, she has worked with the Ministry of Petroleum, advising on dispute resolution, and matters of petroleum licensing policies.

Shohini loves to read, and write on a variety of issues ranging from her travels, to the books she reads, the work she does, and the food she cooks for the comfort of her soul. She also likes to run marathons, cycle, and swim.

Read Shohini’s recent publications here:

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Articles by Shohini Sengupta

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Shohini Sengupta

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Shohini Sengupta

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