WHT’s chairman André Hoffmann is taking a tent during the World Economic Forum 2019 at Davos this week.

A group of our scholars and alumni are flying out to take part in the following Q&A session:

Young Voices of Hope: perspectives from the latest wave of emerging leaders

On Wednesday 23rd we will be talking about sustainability, the importance of education and business projects that have emerged as a result of our Scholarships and Leadership programme.

Some of our alumni who are unable to join us have taken part in a short video about what it has meant to be a Weidenfeld-Hoffmann scholar.

Please watch, share and follow us. You can find more details about the programme below.

Sustainability Panel

June Samo (Kenya)
Kapil Yadav (India)
Simonetta Spavieri (Venezuela)

Innovation Panel

Atherton Mutombwera (Zimbabwe)
Irina Fedorenko (Russia)
Cedric Maforimbo (Zimbabwe)

Education Panel

Ramon Narvaez Terron (Mexico)
Dana Qarout (Jordan)
Joseph Ssentongo (Uganda

With contributions by

Sergio Giuliano [Chair] (Argentina)
Lizaveta Trakhalina (Belarus)
Laura Aristizabal (Colombia)

About the Scholar

Laura Stewart

(), I am not a scholar
, Oxford