Ugochukwu Ezeh (Nigeria, MPhil Law, 2015-17, Weidenfeld-Hoffmann), research for the Oxford Pro Bono Publico was conducted as part of a broader project entitled ‘The Protection of the Human Rights of Non-Nationals under a Reformed UK Constitution: Lessons from International and Comparative Jurisprudence’. OPBP organised this project with the aim of making recommendations to the Political and Constitutional Reform Committee of the House of Commons in the United Kingdom. Drawing on a wide range of comparative legal resources, the project examined the current state of constitutional protections for the rights of non-nationals in various jurisdictions in order to inform current initiatives regarding the civic rights of UK non-nationals in a proposed written constitution for the country.

Ugo was also involved in the commemoration for victims of human rights abuses. In this regard, his interests in this field have been shaped and informed by a belief in the importance of commemoration as a crucial aspect of democratisation in transitional societies. He wrote an article on the 276 school-girls abducted by extremist groups in Chibok, North-Eastern Nigeria that has recently been published in Media Diversified, an online advocacy platform for policy reform.

About the Scholar

Ugochukwu Ezeh

Law (MPhil), 2017
St Cross College, Oxford
Hoffmann Scholar