Kubo Mačák (Slovakia, DPhil Law 2013, Weidenfeld – Roland Berger) established an annual summer school for talented high school students from the Czech Republic and Slovakia.The Letná akadémia Discover (Summer Academy Discover, www.discover.sk) has been running since 2009 and it took its current shape of a week-long academy in 2011.

The summer school is organized by graduate students and recent alumni from top universities abroad, including Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, and Yale. It seeks to expose high-achieving Czech and Slovak students to an atmosphere reminiscent of Oxbridge colleges, to broaden their knowledge of subjects they might study at university, and to foster the creation of a network of active and ambitious young people. The summer school has been regularly featured in Czech and Slovak national media and it has grown to more than 200 participants per year, with a teaching staff of over 40 lecturers—all of them volunteers.

After Kubo took up his post at the University of Exeter in 2013, a fellow Weidenfeld scholar Matěj Bajgar (Czech Republic, DPhil Economics 2014, Weidenfeld – Hoffmann) assumed his role on the organizing committee of the summer academy. Kubo remains involved as a lecturer and both scholars expect to reunite at the 2015 edition of the summer school, to be held in August in Podskalie, Slovakia.

About the Scholar

Kubo Macak

Law (DPhil), 2013
Somerville College, Oxford
Roland Berger Scholar