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What are Collections?

During the year, Scholars must attend formal supervision meetings with WHT Director Alexandra Henderson and a WHT Academic Adviser, Elizabeth Roberts or Nik Kirby. These take place once each term and are an opportunity to review Scholars academic progress as well as their future career plans. Scholars will be allocated a half-hour slot during two or three days in advance of the meeting. These are compulsory meetings in Michaelmas and Hilary Terms.

WHT made me feel welcome and at home since the moment I arrived, somewhat intimidated and confused, in Oxford. In my fellow Scholars I found not only exceptionally talented and motivated students and professionals (even by Oxford standards) from the most diverse backgrounds, but true friends. I have no words to thank WHT for all the help, support and good times throughout the year. The activities we engaged in have been an excellent complement to our academic degrees.

Luciana Moron, Argentina, Magister Juris, Weidenfeld and Hoffmann, 2018
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