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At the Leadership Forum

The Annual Leadership Forum which marks the end of the academic year is designed to encourage a final reflection on questions of leadership. The Scholars come together in June to discuss the challenges of leadership and questions about career development with leading professionals from a variety of fields, including business, law, academia, media and politics. During the forum, Scholars also meet WHT Alumni to learn more about their work and to discuss their experiences moving from Oxford into the workplace. The Forum is a compulsory element of the Leadership Programme.

The people I got to meet through the [Forum’s] programme have astounding profiles and being able to sit with them, converse and discuss was an experience that has imbued in me more confidence and belief in my abilities. It has not only boosted my confidence but also improved immensely my communication skills.

Poojan Shrestha, Nepal, MSc International Health and Tropical Medicine, Weidenfeld-Hoffmann-Arcadia, 2015-16
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